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Real property dictionary

Real property know how from A to Z – our dictionary provides all the answers you need.


Tenancy agreement

Common umbrella term for the rental contract and lease contract. Whereby both forms of the tenancy agreement occur with the agreement over the contractual object and the price (rental rate, letting rate). The duration of these contracts can be concluded at an unspecified or specified time. While a rental contract focuses on the use of the rental object for a contractually agreed purpose, the lease contract agrees on the acquisition with the operating obligation.

Taxation value

According to the Austrian Fair Value Act (BewG), the taxation value for a valuation object specified here is a value for economic units that is consistent for several types of tax and conveyed in a separate process. The objective of this is the alignment of access of different types of tax to identical estates such as land. Through this, a manifold assessment, which is different depending on circumstances, for different taxes, is omitted.