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For building owners

Reliability on every issue.

You are sure interested in the revenue generated by your block of flats and perhaps in choosing the new colour of the façade, but definitely not in the minutiae of administration? We are the right partner for you. We are passionate in our profession and provide you with great personal dedication and comprehensive expertise. We guarantee a sustainable management of your property while you can safely turn your attention to other matters. 

Our services for houseowners.

24/7 access guarantees quick and comprehensive access to all documents concerning your property. Our sustainable strategy to preserve your property’s value is based on optimised tenant/user management. Regular, in-person communication and a strong on-site presence form the basis for this. This allows us to quickly identify and repair defects, even small ones, before they lead to larger problems or costs.

Our service packages for houseowners.

You can choose one out of two service packages according to your needs. The STRAUSS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Basic Package covers all the services required to ensure the sound administration of your property. Our Premium Package provides you with a number of extra services in addition to the Basic Package. The third package is customised support, which you can acquire at any time.