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We are your team.

You deserve support that is not only competent and reliable, but also tailored to meet your individual requirements. After all, you have entrusted us with your property assets. In line with our motto "One property – one team", you are therefore supported by your own personal team of experts: your property manager and your accounting expert.




Assistants to the management



Team lead



Property management and accounting

Monika Felzmann Property manager | Business
Karin Geissler Property manager | Business
Alexander Gneist Object accountant
Manuel Hinterseer Object accountant
Philipp Huppmann Assistant property management | Business
Arpad Juhasz Property manager | Living
Valeria Juric Assistant property management | Business
Ilse Künstler Object accountant
Angelika Mader Assistant property management | Living
Tanja Müller Object accountant
Andreas Petz Property manager | Living
Aleksandra Popovic Object accountant
Nina Rathbauer Property manager | Business
Andreas Sailer Property manager | Living | Kematen
Marina Sakovics Property manager | Business
Katharina Saurugg Property manager | Living
Eva Schinzel Property manager | Living | Klagenfurt
Natascha Schrenk Object accountant (parental leave)
Waltraud Sporer Property manager | Living
Aleksandra Stankovic Object accountant (parental leave)
Cornelia Strauß Property manager | Business
Michaela Swoboda Property manager | Business
Stephan Sziveli Property manager | Business
Denise Vecera Object accountant
Claudia Willmann Property manager | Living | Klagenfurt
Harald Zupanc Assistant property management | Living | Klagenfurt